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We will meet 2 or three times before your labor begins to talk and connect, to discuss any questions or concerns you have, and to work on establishing your vision and plan for your labor and birth of your baby.  I will be available by phone and text message for any questions or concerns that come up for you during the time leading up to your labor and birth.




We will work together to come up with a plan that gives you the confidence to know that you will have a positive labor and birth experience. When your labor begins I will meet you at our designated location (your home or hospital) within an hour of your call. I will be with you continually from that point until a few hours after the birth of your baby. I will be with you and advocate for your wishes. I will help you with pain management through massage, body positioning, and other comfort measures such as cool or warm cloths, essential oils, etc. Once your baby is born I will support with early breastfeeding, pictures, or any other immediate desires. I will typically slip out as the energy quiets down and your family settles in to connect, usually 1-2 hours after the birth.



I look forward to a home visit about two weeks after the birth to see you and your baby, check in, and answer any questions that have come up. I will be available by phone and text message as you need for up to two weeks after the birth. Additionally, I am happy to discuss immediate postpartum help at a separate hourly rate.